Strategies For Law Firms Looking to Improve Client Communication

A successful law firm relies on clear and effective communication with clients. By setting clear expectations, listening carefully to your clients’ needs, and using automated communication tools appropriately, you’re more likely to receive positive client reviews.
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The attorney-client relationship comes down to one core element—communication. Without clear and effective communication, the relationship can become strained or broken, leading to dissatisfied clients and negative reviews. Conversely, effective communication can generate glowing reviews, boost your professional reputation, and bring in more clients. Here are a few simple strategies for improving communication with current and potential clients.

Build a Strong Foundation

From the first interaction with a potential client, be clear about your communication style. Setting concrete expectations can help clients feel more comfortable knowing how and when they will hear from you. Don’t hesitate to be specific—tell them the hours you are available to clients each day and, if they contact you after hours when they can expect you to return their call. Once clients have a clear picture of when and how (phone, email, text, etc.) they may contact you, they are more likely to respect your boundaries and view you as professional and trustworthy.

Be a Listener First

Most clients call an attorney when they are struggling with a deeply personal and overwhelming matter. While no one expects you to be a therapist, taking the time to listen actively to their concerns goes a long way in making clients feel comfortable and confident in your ability to serve their needs. Give your clients some time to share their concerns before you jump in, and then use this information to inform your legal approach. Clients who feel heard and valued are more likely to refer others to your practice and leave positive reviews.

Automate Communications When Appropriate

Automated tools are a great way to streamline several aspects of your legal practice. However, try to identify places where a more personal approach may work better. In general, automated tools are great for accomplishing transactional communications, while responding to specific client concerns or questions should involve a customized approach. Feel free to send automated client intake forms or welcome letters, but answer your client’s question with a personalized email or phone call. Be smart and strategic with your automated communications tools to ensure that your practice moves smoothly while your clients continue to feel heard and supported.

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March 10, 2021