Social Media Marketing Strategies For Law Firms in 2021

As you create your digital marketing goals for growing your legal practice in 2021, consider the benefits of creating targeted and effective social media marketing strategies. Authentic and mindful posts can increase client engagement and establish yourself as a legal expert in your area.

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about your marketing strategy for the upcoming year. Perhaps you are hoping to expand your law firm’s practice areas and attract a new client base, or maybe you are wishing to concentrate on one or two areas of practice in order to better establish yourself as an expert within your community. Many marketing goals can be supported through social media strategies, especially when used mindfully and purposefully. Here are a few ways to harness the power of social media to help your law firm grow and evolve throughout 2021.

A Strong Brand Identity is Essential to Effective Posts

When it comes to social media posts, authenticity is everything. If you quickly compose a post without thinking about the long-term objectives you are hoping to attain, viewers may find your posts somewhat empty. Companies and law firms who have taken the time to develop a cohesive brand identity tend to post purposeful, engaging content. Audiences gravitate toward brands that seem to stand for something; additionally, letting clients see your law practice as invested in and concerned about the real legal challenges people are facing allows them to view you as trustworthy. Use your posts to show clients that you are aware of the struggles they are navigating and invite them to rely on you for support, guidance, and advocacy.

Audiences Crave Video Content

As many law practices have transferred their services to operate remotely, clients are increasingly interested in finding ways to see the human side of their attorneys. While emails and phone calls are generally effective ways of communicating with clients, people still want to feel comfortable with and supported by their lawyers. Most legal issues involve some degree of vulnerability, as clients may require assistance with deeply personal matters. Post videos of yourself and your legal team to form connections with current and potential clients; let them see who you are as a professional. Who knows—one video of you extending a warm message of hope may inspire many overwhelmed people to finally take action and call you for assistance.

Consider a Mindful Approach to Social Media Marketing

Social media naturally invites users to post often. Some companies can fall into this trap, creating so much content that users feel overwhelmed or even fatigued by these incessant posts. The brands that find the most success on social media tend to post more sparingly and purposefully. Give clients the opportunity to absorb the content you are offering; don’t pester them into contacting you. Think of social media marketing as an invitation to potential clients–keep your posts informative, engaging, authentic, and brief. Ultimately, you are likely to see a gradual uptick in client engagement as people take notice of your thoughtful content.

Strategic social media campaigns can grow consumer awareness of your legal practice and generate more client leads. Call LegalRev today at (800) 893-2590 to discuss your digital marketing goals for the upcoming year.

December 10, 2020