Social Media is Important. Yes, Even For Lawyers.

Person holding cell phone with Twitter logo on screen | Photo attribution: opposed to those that sell physical products, many companies that offer professional services believe that social media is simply irrelevant to their clients. While this may be true in some (i.e. extremely rare) cases, more often than not we’ve found that the medium or channel carries more weight in relevance than the actual practice of engaging with your clients online.

Why Would Anyone Want to Read Legalese?

Legal blogging and social media posting can be rather dry, but it doesn’t have to be! Quick tips, professional views on current legal events, and information about your firm can make engaging and enjoyable reading. What you must remember, though, is that interacting with your clients and community members online builds trust, and that trust often translates into additional clients and greater revenue.

How Does it Do That?

It’s possible to build trust through social media because you are making an effort to provide useful information for free (nice!), answer any questions someone may feel silly calling about, and telling your audience that you’re there for them and care about similar things they do. Essentially, social media puts you in the trenches with your clients and affords them access they wouldn’t otherwise have. After all, a lawyer who will take the time to respond to a Facebook comment surely cares more about his clients’ needs than a competitor that doesn’t even have an active page.

What Channels Should I Be Using?

That’s an excellent question. According to Real Lawyers Have Blogs, Twitter is a good place to start. Twitter is known to foster unlikely relationships due to its rapid nature and propensity to show users tweets by accounts they have yet to begin following. This allows you to connect with a potential customer base that may otherwise be untapped.

Another channel of choice is YouTube. Somewhat surprisingly, YouTube has more daily visitors than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. YouTube offers content in a total of 76 different languages, which covers 95% of the total internet population. It’s also a great medium for people who would rather explain things orally, as opposed to sitting down and writing a legal post.

Still Have Questions?

We have answers. Content marketing is our bread and butter. We can help you create personalized content that highlights the things that make your practice unique. Call LegalRev today at (800) 893-2590 to get started!

January 20, 2018