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How to Provide Top-Tier Legal Services Remotely

Now that the virtual office is here to stay, it’s time for your law firm to maximize your remote legal services. Focusing on accessibility and confidentiality can build client trust and encourage potential clients to turn to you for legal help.
February 24, 2021

It’s fair to say that 2020 reshaped business services across the globe. Even as in-person services are resuming across many industries, the idea of the “virtual office” is here to stay. Most attorneys restructured their legal services in some way to serve clients remotely. Law firms offered services such as video conferencing, using smartphones to scan and sign legal documents, and other strategies for addressing their clients’ needs virtually. Let’s take a look at some ways for attorneys to continue offering top-notch legal services remotely.

Focus on Client Accessibility

The core of any legal practice is building trusting relationships with clients. Before 2020, most law firms encouraged clients to contact them by phone or email. While these methods are still important, think about other ways that your clients could reach you. Do you offer virtual consultations via video conferencing? Is there a number that clients can use to text you or receive text messages from you? Do you have a social media presence that makes it easy for clients to contact you? You don’t have to offer everything, but if you provide these other services, make sure that clients know about them.

Emphasize Your Security and Confidentiality Efforts

One of the main concerns at the beginning of the pandemic was how law firms could keep client information and sensitive files confidential and secure. While you’ve likely implemented strategies and tools to make this possible by now, have you made clients aware of these efforts? You don’t have to go into detail about the security measures you’ve adopted, but let clients know that their files, communications with you, and other sensitive information will remain confidential and safe as it would in the office. Simply hearing an attorney mention confidentiality and security can boost client confidence and trust in your firm.

Empathy Goes a Long Way

As you communicate with each client, remember that they are seeking your services for a reason. Facing a legal challenge often carries complex emotions, and clients typically respond well when you acknowledge their struggles. A genuine “How are you doing?” from an attorney at the start of a conversation can go a long way in making clients feel supported and valued. Now is the time for small words of kindness and empathy, so use them to season your communications with clients.

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