How 2020 Reshaped Digital Marketing For Law Firms

The year 2020 reshaped how law firms approached their digital marketing efforts. As we begin the new year, it’s time to take advantage of remote tools and opportunities to continue reaching clients in need of legal services.
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At the start of 2020, most of us created professional goals that we hoped to implement in order to grow our businesses in the new year. However, as COVID-19 began to spread, virtually every industry had to pivot in order to adjust to the numerous challenges posed by the pandemic. For many attorneys, this meant offering legal services remotely—holding phone and video conferences with clients in lieu of in-person meetings. As economic experts predict that remote services will continue into 2021 (and, in some ways, indefinitely), let’s take a look back at how this past year reshaped digital marketing strategies for law firms across the country.

More Potential Clients in Need of Legal Assistance

Law practices that focus on employment law, medical malpractice, personal injury law, disability law, or estate planning may have seen a growing number of client calls in the wake of COVID-19. With more individuals suffering economic hardship, health issues, employment barriers, and other obstacles, there is a greater need for trusted legal guidance. Even if your firm has not experienced a higher volume of client calls, now is the time to implement new strategies for making your legal services known to those in your community in need of assistance.

Using Social Media to Generate Client Referrals

Before the pandemic, many attorneys would attend networking events in order to meet other lawyers and provide or receive client referrals. Unfortunately, these in-person networking events are not feasible at the moment, so many attorneys are turning to their professional social media accounts to achieve similar goals. Connecting with other attorneys through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn are great ways to market your services and encourage other lawyers to refer clients your way.

Embracing the Effectiveness of Video Marketing

For many clients, establishing a personal and trusting relationship with an attorney is essential. Your clients often come to you at their most vulnerable, sharing personal struggles with you and craving reassurance, support, and resolution. Without meeting with you in-person, some clients may have difficulty determining whether you are the right person with whom to work. If you haven’t explored the power of creating short videos and including them on your website or in your firm’s newsletter, now is the time to try it. A reassuring message delivered with a warm smile may be just what potential clients are looking for as they decide which attorney to contact.

Now’s the time to adapt and evolve your approach to digital marketing for your law firm. Call LegalRev today at (800) 893-2590 to get started.

December 24, 2020