Google Panda is Here to Stay

Google Algorithm Panda Update | Portland | LegalRevOriginally unveiled in February of 2011, Google Panda, an algorithm designed to fight spam, is now officially a member of Google’s core ranking algorithm. When Panda first launched, it operated as a separate spam filter, meaning that it was only applied to the search results after the core ranking algorithm. As of this week, we can safely say that that is no longer the case.

Content is Still King

You may have read, heard, or said this before, but when it comes to the ever-changing world of digital marketing and search engine optimization, content is king. By incorporating Panda into its core ranking algorithm, Google is doubling down on this philosophy. Content that lacks adequate effort, planning or skill is (obviously) considered poor, as is content that does not translate well on mobile devices. With the addition of Panda to its core ranking algorithm, Google appears to be adding another barrier (or, as we see it, opportunity) to garnering effective search results.

What This Means For You

If you have been producing high quality content, this update should have a positive effect on your search results. Remember, an effective web presence is largely dependent upon quality, not quantity. No matter how pretty your website looks, if it has poor content — in other words, if the content is unreadable due to length or phrasing, or if it’s simply irrelevant to your product — you won’t rank well.

We Can Help

At LegalRev, we’re constantly adapting and improving our services to keep up with the ever-changing SEO best practices. Whether it’s the unwavering attention provided by our Client Services Team, our in-house Content Writers or our leadership in industry-wide events throughout Portland, you can count on LegalRev to enhance your digital presence in 2016 and beyond. Contact us today for a free analysis of your web presence!

January 21, 2016