Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Boost Coming in May 2016

Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Boost Coming in May 2016 | LegalRevWe all remember “Mobilegeddon” – how could we forget? It was the mobile apocalypse of Google algorithm updates released in April 2015. Here we are about a year later and Google has stated that they plan to boost this mobile-friendly algorithm in May of this year. As April flies by and May approaches, what can webmasters expect with the rollout of this boost? We have the answers.

Even More Value on Mobile-Friendliness

Last year, Google’s mobile update set out to give users a better experience. This year is no different. From what Google has said and industry-leaders have predicted, this update won’t be anything new. Rather, it will be a reinforcement of last year’s update and whether a site passes Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and mobile guidelines will impact rankings more than before.

A Gradual Impact

Google has said that the update will be rolled out beginning in May, and because the algorithm is a page-by-page signal, it will take significant time to crawl each page. There has not yet been any indication as to whether the rollout will take weeks or months, though. Either way, sites that aren’t mobile-friendly won’t see a major drop-off come the first week of May.

Be Mobile, Be Ready

In 2015 it was reported that over 50% of searches were executed on a mobile device. Read that again: over 50% of searches were executed on a mobile device. Your target audience is likely searching for you from a mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you’re losing customers, traffic, and search engine ranks. Having a mobile-friendly site will not only please your users, but will also please Google and alleviate any stress related to their latest mobile algorithm update.

LegalRev Can Help

If you have a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, you need to enlist help. That’s where we can come in. We offer exceptional web design and development services that are always up to Google’s latest standards. Contact us to learn more and see how we can help you prepare for Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm boost in May.

April 21, 2016