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Google Drives Paid Mobile Search

May 26, 2016

Merkle, “a global data-driven, technology-enabled performance marketing agency and the largest independent agency in the US for CRM, digital and search,” released its’ Q1 2016 Digital Marketing Report on April 19. 

The report noted that paid search ad clicks from Google continued to rise, with mobile ads as a driving force behind the success. Here are some other notable facts included in the report:

  • Clicks increased by 33%
  • Cost per click (CPC) dropped 6%
  • Yahoo and Bing paid search clicks continued to fall
  • Phones and tablets produced over half of total paid search clicks
  • Organic search visitors were down 7%
  • Google Shopping Ads spending was up 41%
  • Text ad spending increased 13%

What Does This Mean?

Google Drives Paid Mobile Search | Portland Paid Marketing | LegalRevAs with all things search related, Google is dominating the mobile search market. 95% of all US paid search clicks on mobile devices were generated from Google, while Yahoo and Bing only generated 1% and 3% respectively. Search Engine Land compiled the numbers into a beautiful bar graph for easier interpretation (shown on the right). As you can see, Google dominates US paid search clicks across all devices.

Why Should I Care?

Digital marketing is critical for all businesses, and paid marketing is a valuable resource to enhance your online visibility. If you have a mobile-optimized website with excellent on-page SEO, and want to drive even more traffic and potential clients to your site, paid marketing is a great option. Remember, it is impossible to guarantee front page results from an organic search campaign, but paid ads are another story.

How Can I Get Started?

Contact us! We provide our clients with all-inclusive digital marketing services. As one of Portland’s leading digital agencies, we pride ourselves on our quality services and attention to detail. Let us help you improve your online visibility.

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