Google Changes the Rules (Again)

Google Knowledge Graph search results exampleAs we’ve said many times before, Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving and becoming smarter. Studying their advancements gives us a glimpse into the future of SEO tactics, and we’ll explore four of those in this week’s post.

Getting Used to AMPs

AMPs, or accelerated mobile pages, are essentially bare-bones versions of pages that retain all text and links but display them in a simplified design that disables high resolution images, videos, and aesthetically pleasing functionality. Google is currently playing with how they indicate an AMP, either by placing a lightning bolt and AMP next to the search result, or by saying “mobile-friendly.” However they decide to mark AMPs in the future, what’s important to remember is that Google is trying to make mobile content viewing faster and easier to digest.

Information at a Glance

Another Google innovation we’re excited about is the Knowledge Graph. Though testing of this feature began back in 2012, it’s only been recently that we’re seeing the total impact of it. The Knowledge Graph aggregates data from informational sources, such as Wikipedia, to display relevant information related to a search query either above or to the side of the full list of search results. For example, if you Google the name of a city, Google will show you a small map, list geographical and climate data, and use your location to estimate how long it would take to get there.

Instant Penalty Filters

If you previously had incorrect information, broken links, or other factors that hurt your rankings, it often took weeks or months for Google to acknowledge such issues had been fixed, thereby penalizing content that had been corrected for some time. With Google’s recently launched Penguin 4.0 update, this appears to have been resolved. Now, any changes made to meta tags or site content will be reflected in search results almost immediately in real-time. Hooray!

SEO Matters a Great Deal

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October 21, 2016