Case Study

Howard Family Law

Howard Family Law, a Minnesota-based law practice focusing on child custody and divorce, wanted to make a greater impact within a highly competitive market. The market for family law attorneys is pretty saturated, so we needed to develop a strategic plan to help the firm stand out. Through a targeted PPC strategy, a focus on Local SEO, and careful website development and design, we achieved the desired results.

Fig. 01 — Effective PPC and Google Ads Management for Small Law Firms

Our customized PPC strategy for Howard Family Law resulted in over 140 conversions in 2021. At under $120 per lead, this extremely optimized campaign delivered and exceeded client expectations.

Fig. 02 — Howard Family Law

Located in the Minneapolis metro area, Howard Family Law recognized the challenge of standing out within a highly competitive market of hundreds of local attorneys practicing family law. LegalRev was tasked with creating short-term results while we got to work building up organic search ranks.

Fig. 03 — Supplemental Imagery

Our team assessed Howard Family Law’s specific needs and got to work forming a highly focused digital Google Ads (PPC) campaign. The following factors influenced our approach:

  • Google Ads (PPC) are the best way to get immediate leads.
  • Constant optimization and analytics lead to decreased cost per conversion while maintaining qualified leads.
  • We need to be clever to get immediate results when working within a modest budget in a competitive market.
  • Monthly iteration on ad copy and design can increase conversion metrics.

Services Provided for Howard Family Law
  • PPC
  • Local SEO
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Reputation Management

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