Case Study

Grady BK

A bankruptcy attorney based in New York was looking to reduce client apprehension about the filing process. Establishing trust and communicating empathy remain top priorities for attorney Jessica Grady. In order to address these specific needs, we used a novel approach to branding and website design for law firms to create client personas that inspired a responsive, user-centered, conversion-focused website.

Fig. 01 — Website Design & Development

It was immediately clear that a deep dive into user research would have a monumental impact on the success of the brand and digital presence. An exhaustive review of Grady BK's target demographics' behaviors, wants, needs, and goals were vital to the project.

Fig. 02 — Grady BK

Attorney Jessica Grady recognizes the persistent stigma around filing for bankruptcy. She wanted to cultivate trust with potential clients and help them explore their debt relief options. Together, we identified three objectives to help her website and digital marketing strategies overcome existing challenges:

  • Break completely outside the box in the legal space through innovative visuals
  • Minimize client apprehension about filing bankruptcy
  • Communicate trust and empathy immediately

Fig. 03 — Supplemental Imagery

Establishing client trust was our top priority.

  • First, we listened. Jessica Grady’s experience was instrumental in communicating the behaviors, problems, and emotional barriers that people considering bankruptcy are facing.
  • Using Jessica’s insights, we built client personas to better understand her target demographic.
  • We created a user-centered, conversion-focused, and intuitive website design.
  • We adopted a comprehensive approach to developing the logo and branding – including a design system, brand voice development, and a brand book.

Services Provided for Grady BK
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Local SEO
  • Google Ads (PPC) Management
  • Backlink Building

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