4 Reasons Why Having Multiple Websites for Your Business is Bad News

Man using laptop frustrated by finding multiple websites for the same law firmThough it may seem like having more websites for your company offers more opportunities for your clients to find you, in reality the opposite is true. In this post we’ll explain why having just one optimized and updated website is your best bet for getting found online.

1. Your Clients are Confused

If someone is searching for your law practice and multiple sites come up that could be you, people are naturally going to wonder which site to visit. They may conclude that these are two different law firms, get frustrated and opt to find a different attorney altogether. It’s a tried and true trope in the marketing world: don’t make your customers think.

2. Your Search Rankings Will Tank

Google heavily penalizes duplicate content and contradictory directory listings. Repeating the same or overly similar content across different web pages or sites will result in a lower ranking. If Google can’t figure out what content is authentic, they naturally assume your visitors won’t be able to either. They will instead choose to prioritize sites that are simple and relevant. Even worse, they may determine that your content is spam and blacklist your website, preventing it from showing up in search results.

3. You’re Competing with Yourself

Much of the SEO work we do on your behalf hinges on making your website more attractive to Google and consumers than your competitors’. If you have multiple websites, you’re not only trying to outrank your competitors, but also yourself!

4. Double the Time & Effort

Maintaining and improving one website is time-consuming in itself, to say nothing of the time and effort it takes to update your social media profiles, blogs, and attorney listings. Make it easier to maintain your web presence by having just one website.

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March 26, 2018