3 Ways Law Firms Can Make Client Review Requests Less Awkward

Positive client reviews are essential, but the process of asking for them can be awkward. By making your requests more natural and straightforward, your law firm can enjoy more meaningful online reviews to boost local authority and consumer trust.
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As a legal professional, you likely recognize the power of client reviews. People will spend time researching law firms in their area before determining which ones to contact, and client reviews play a significant role in this decision process. While your legal practice may understand the importance of positive client reviews, asking current and former clients to actually write an online review can be awkward. Here are a few tips to make this process more natural and effective for both you and your clients.

1. Look For Natural Opportunities

Maybe you’ve made it your goal to ask outgoing clients for a review. However, it may feel clunky or even inappropriate to ask all of your clients to write you a review. Rather than trying to make this process automatic and uniform, look for opportunities to subtly ask certain clients if they’d be open to leaving you a review. For example, if you are concluding a phone conversation with a satisfied client, you might say, “It’s been a pleasure working with you. Would you be open to answering a few simple questions that could help me serve others?” Chances are, this client will say yes, and you can send a brief email request for a review.

2. Make the Request in Unobtrustive

Most people feel that an unexpected phone call asking for their feedback is obtrusive. Instead of interupting your client’s day with a phone call, send a polite, branded email or text message asking for a review. If you pair this with a "heads up" during an in-person (or remote) interaction, and clients are more likely to to write you a review.

3. Keep the Process Simple and Brief

Once you’ve identified clients who are willing to write you a review, make sure the process is as streamlined and straightforward as possible. Send the follow-up email soon after you speak with them, and make sure the email includes a direct link to the review page. It’s a good idea to include a specific prompt so that they know what to write. Clients also like to know how long the process will take, so make it clear in the email that it will be brief.

4. Utilize Our Review Driver Service

All of our digital marketing services include a review generation and monitoring campaign called Review Driver. Simply email us the first name and email address (or cell number) of each client (Excel or CSV files are great too!), and we’ll send a branded request out for a review. If your client does not click the review link, we send a polite follow-up message after a few days.

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March 3, 2021