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Henderson Taylor Law Firm

Henderson Taylor operates as a personal injury law firm in Vancouver, Washington. The personal injury sector is recognized for its cutthroat competition in every location. Our objective was to create an efficient digital marketing approach that could position the firm as a credible and reliable leader in the regional market. By implementing an integrative SEO campaign — including backlink creation, content marketing, iterative website design, and review generation — we successfully elevated the firm's ranks to the top.

Conversion-Optimized Injury Law Website
Fig. 01 — Conversion-Optimized Injury Law Website

Henderson Taylor achieved unparalleled search engine dominance for personal injury services thanks to a comprehensive Local SEO strategy that was implemented over the past several years. This approach resulted in more than 40 top-ranking positions on Google for relevant personal injury keywords — leading to rapid growth and expansion of the firm's client base in Southwest Washington.

Fig. 02 — Henderson Taylor Law Firm

  • High competition: The personal injury field in Vancouver, Washington, is highly competitive, and many law firms invest heavily in SEO. In some cases, firms from the larger nearby Portland, OR metro area ranked in Vancouver.
  • Google algorithm updates: Google is continually updating its algorithm to provide better search results. Injury law firms specifically need to employ future-looking strategies to avoid the pitfalls of being caught in these updates and de-ranked.
  • Negative reviews: Due to the contentious nature of many personal injury cases, these law firms may receive negative reviews from dissatisfied clients, which can harm their online reputation and have a massive effect on local SEO metrics.
  • Limited content options: Personal injury law firms may face challenges creating diverse content due to the sensitive nature of their services.

Fig. 03 — Supplemental Imagery

After identifying the challenges, we formulated an approach to enhance Henderson Taylor’s digital marketing footprint in the local market:

  • We adopted an integrated approach, focusing on content marketing paired with backlink profile management: positioning Henderson Taylor as the authority on many personal injury topics, focusing on auto accidents, leading to increased organic ranks into the coveted top 3 spot for all major keywords.
  • We used iterative website design that adhered to Google Core Web Vitals, observed User Experience best practices, and prioritized a mobile-first experience; decreasing bounce rate and increasing conversions.
  • Review generation campaign that targets satisfied clients, exclusively targeting Google Reviews, resulting in 41 five-star reviews since March of 2019.

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